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Curation Costs Exchange

Understanding and comparing digital curation costs to support smarter investments

Cloud and on-premise versions available
  • On-site version - single or multi-server
  • Scalable across multiple servers
  • Cloud version - Amazon S3 and/or Glacier Cloud storage
  • OAIS compliant workflows
  • Public access/discovery
  • CALM catalogue synchronisation
  • Linked Data Registries
  • Commercial
  • Further Information

    Preservica: full suite of OAIS Functions and Services

    Extensive Data Management

    Preservica’s extensive Data Management tools and workflows allow you to build unlimited collection hierarchies with digital objects held at any level. It is also easy to manage and edit content metadata which can be selected from one or more standard schemas such as EAD, MODS and Dublin Core or your own XML schemas. Preservica also provides a two-way catalogue synchronization framework that uses OAI-PMH for metadata sharing and a standard integration to the Axiell CALM catalogue system. 

    Automated Ingest

    Preservica makes it easy to ingest new digital content for preservation. We include a SIP tool to simplify the submission and upload of content and metadata. Our ingest workflow then automates all the Quality Assurance steps needed to ensure your content is properly preserved including fixity, virus checking metadata integrity and file characterization using technical metadata. Preservica also supports workflows to automate the bulk ingest of exported DSpace packages, advanced Website crawling and the bulk ingest of digitized content. 

    Storage flexibility

    Using Preservica’s storage policy tools, you can choose where and how your digital content gets stored. Preservica Cloud Edition stores metadata in fast Amazon RDS and digital content in either low-latency Amazon S3 or lower-cost Amazon Glacier for infrequently accessed content. Preservica Standard and Enterpise Editions can store content on your own local storage array as well as use our Cloud connectors to store content in either Amazon S3 and/or Amazon Glacier - to create a hybrid storage model. All Editions include our Copy Home feature that allows your collection to be saved to an external FTP server, for example a local disk. 

    Active Preservation

    Our unique, award-winning Active Preservation technology makes it easy to migrate away from obsolete file formats overtime to ensure your content remains accessible and readable for decades to come. Preservica incorporates standard file format registries and migration tools, such as DROID, PRONOM and Linked Data Registries, allowing you to automate preservation actions and migration pathways for over 800 different file formats – including objects embedded in complex container formats such as ZIP, WARC and MS Office. In addition to Active Preservation, Preservica also performs background integrity health checks to protect your content against loss and corruption. 

    Easy to customize Public Access


    Preservica enables you to actively preserve as well as safely share your digital archive and collections - all from one system. Using a standard CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) interface our new Universal Access module makes it easy to customize the out-of-the-box web interface to allow internal and public users to browse, discover, search, view and download open content from your archive via a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone without needing the native application installed. All this is on top of our “explorer” access that provides comprehensive hierarchy browsing, advanced search and metadata editing for archival specialists.

    Security and Administration


    Preservica allows you to assign a wide variety of user roles and access rights including fine-grained security at a collection, record or information object level. In addition, Preservica maintains extensive audit trails and includes a set of standard reports and dashboards across all functions including ingest, access and preservation activity plus an at a glance view of file formats by number and type.

    Detailed System Functions  Specification for Preservica: