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Curation Costs Exchange

Understanding and comparing digital curation costs to support smarter investments

Managed digital archiving service
  • three copy strategy (two in geographically separated data centres and one offline)
  • Territory specific data centres (safe harbour data protection)
  • Local gateway appliances
  • Encrypted
  • API
  • Based on open standards
  • Cloud based (public or private—OSCAR (On-site Cloud ARchive))
  • Offers “100% certain data safety”
  • ISO27001
  • Commercial
  • Further Information

     Arkivum’s storage is based on the principle that 3 copies are needed for certainty that data is safe. Using active integrity checking at all times, every file is copied three times, with 2 copies held online in geographically separated data centres and the third held offline locked away in an escrow service. A gateway appliance sits on your network and delivers your archive as a file system – files are copied to and from the file system. Behind the scenes Arkivum’s systems take care of all the replication and integrity checking.