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Curation Costs Exchange

Understanding and comparing digital curation costs to support smarter investments

PrestoPRIME Cost Model for Digital Storage (PP-CMDS)

Creator and Funding
Developed within the European Commission 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.
The prestoPRIME project ended in 2012.
Practical solutions for the long-term preservation of digital media objects. Cost of storage and access.
Information assets
Audio visual material, film.
Archival Storage; Access; Administration.
Total cost; no specification of capital cost or labour cost; based on experience from storage providers.
Present, future – up to 25 years.
Data volume, migration frequency, latent and access corruption rates, no. of copies, storage systems, current costs, half-life for cost, access costs.
Type of tool
The long-term planning tool is a storage planning tool in the form of a web application running on Firefox and Chrome. The Storage simulation tool named iModel is a storage planning tool in the form of a desktop GUI application running on Java.
Availability of tool
The storage simulation tool called iModel is available for download. A simple storage planning tool is available for online use.

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