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Curation Costs Exchange

Understanding and comparing digital curation costs to support smarter investments

DP4lib Cost Model (DP4lib)

Creator and Funding
Developed by the German National Library (DNB) and funded by the German research Foundation (DFG).
The latest version of the DP4Lib tool is from 2012. Validation of the model was taking place in 2013.
The purpose is to support estimating the costs for budgeting; accounting or charging.
Information assets
Digital documents, digitised books.
Ingest, Archival Storage, Preservation Planning, Data Management, Administration, Management, Access.
Capital (hardware, software, external services), labour, direct and indirect costs.
Past, Present.
Hardware, software, people, accommodation, external service, transfer - broken further down; linear depreciation of capital (acquisitions), keys for distributing indirect costs.
Type of tool
Recording costs, analysis.
Availability of tool
The documentation and description of the model is available online (The tool is only available in German, and not directly available on the website).

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